Introduction and Explanation

A little about me and the title of this blog:

It seems that people always wonder when they can start calling themselves a runner.  I had a hard time knowing whether I was far enough in my running that I could write a blog about it (crazy, maybe).  Having realized that there is not a line that makes me “far enough” needed and being encouraged by others who have a desire to run, I decided to start writing about running in my life.  I don’t claim to know all or call myself an expert… but running is a big part of my life and has been for several years now.  Running has been so much more to me than a way to stay in shape, as it connects with so many other areas of life.  I welcome any thoughts or advice that any readers want to reply with.  As I was told recently, running is a lifelong sport.  We move with it, we grow with it.  Often times, our running style and interests change and work around our life as we move forward.

Running is freeing in a lot of ways.  Though running can be a team sport, it can be and is usually an individual sport.  There are really no “rules” when it comes to running unless you make them for yourself.  There are no boundaries; if you like being inside, you can run at an indoor track or on a treadmill.  If you like running outside in town, you can run down the sidewalk or street.  If you like nature, you can take up trail running.  If you prefer the beach, you can run on the beach.  If you like all of the above… you can do all of them.  Some people like to sprint and others like long-distances.  Some like to do races and others prefer to keep it casual.  No lines.  Nothing holding you back.  The only thing which really holds us back as runners is ourselves- apathy, fatigue, low self-esteem, poor time management, laziness, irrational thinking, etc.- so my hope is that in sharing my running journey, positives and negatives, you can be encouraged in your own.

In my next post, I will share about how I began running and the time in between then and now.  Throughout this process and blog, I plan to go through many areas of running and life and their connectedness, if you will stay with me.

Right now I want to share some reasons I love running:

1.  I always feel better after running, in all ways:

Physically- I feel better about myself. I breathe better. I feel healthier.  I sleep better.

Mentally- I think more clearly.  My thoughts make more sense.

Emotionally- Along with thinking more clearly, my emotions are more regulated.  When something is going on in my life that is emotionally stirring or upsetting, I find that I deal with these things so much better when I’m regularly running.  On a side note- did you know that running actually fights and decreases depression?

Spiritually- I pray on my runs a lot.  Sometimes it’s intentional, and sometime’s it’s just natural.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all of my runs are spiritual charge up centers… but some of them are! 🙂  Not only this, but feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally all play into the bigger picture and my spiritual health grows alongside it since I’m motivated and thinking more clearly.

2.  I bond with people through running.  I began running with the encouragement of my step-dad who still runs and I ran my first half marathon with him, my sister and a close friend who got serious about running soon after I did.  I spent so long talking about how I did not want to run with other people, but recently started running with someone and am loving every bit of it.  I think It is a different type of bonding than anything else, at least for me.  For me running is a personal thing… and so sharing that can become a deep bonding experience.   Even if you don’t enjoy running with people, running is a great way to bond with other runners.  People love to talk about what they do, what they love, what they’re growing in, etc.  There are running clubs that people of all ages and stages join for encouragement and to build connections.  I’ve never done that, but I have grown in relationships with people who I probably wouldn’t have had it not been for the common denominator of running.

3.  Running is so simple.  I love simplicity.  My life seems hectic and overwhelming a lot of the time… and so engaging in activities that are more simple, is relaxing.  No matter the time of our lives, whether we’re in school, single, married, with children, working, or any combination of the above… it’s nice to find things that we can easily put into our lives.  Things that don’t involve a lot and that we can make happen, ourselves.

4.  Running is an excuse for alone time.  Yes, I am newly loving and enjoying running with people, but we can enjoy both sides!  If you constantly have people around, i.e. children, spouse, friends, family, etc, it may at times be difficult to get that time to yourself.  But when you say you are going for a run, unless they are runners too… no one wants to come with you.  I love being around people; I crave being around people…. people I know and people I don’t know… but everyone needs alone time.  It’s healthy.  And if you think you don’t, you are deceiving yourself.

5.  Running is addicting.  Finishing a race is addicting.  Nothing else feels the same (Probably a combination of finishing something you’ve been working towards and the endorphins being released).

6.  When I run, I am more likely to eat healthier.  Knowing that I ran yesterday and am running again tomorrow, will play into my decision of what I’m eating for dinner.  Eating healthy is important to be, being healthy is important to me… so the fact that the one encourages the other, works out perfect.

7.  Running has motivated me to take other steps in life that in the past I wouldn’t have thought I could do.  Being healthy builds confidence.  Being strong builds confidence.  Running can change how you perceive your life and your abilities.

What are some reasons you like to run?  If you aren’t loving running, but are doing it anyway, what are some reasons you continue?  What are some reasons you want to start running?  Conversation and comments are encouraged!

Thanks for walking with me through this part of my journey and allowing me to be a piece of yours.

Until tomorrow.










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