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New Shoes

It’s been a while… but I’ve been here.

Last post was a recap of the Indy 500 5K.

Since that time, I haven’t done as much running as I’d like, but I have done a broad mixture of other sports. I have run some (got in one trail run which I loved- first ever besides when running on the mountains in Phoenix), hit some golf balls on the range and played some tennis.

I was sick starting a week before the Indy500 run, and for the next three weeks! The following weekend, I was in a wedding in Chicago, so spent the weekend up there and by the end of that weekend, I was coughing so much, that I was very concerned I may ruin the wedding by hacking throughout the ceremony (luckily, I didn’t cough even once- all thanks to the cough drops that I shoved in my mouth while walking down the aisle). I am pretty sure whatever I had was at least bordering bronchitis or pneumonia based on the fact that I gave a friend the same sickness, and she was diagnosed with pneumonia. I took the long road on recovering, no doctor, just OTC meds and rest. One week after the wedding, I was exceptionally better and now I am completely over it, and am just left with my allergies (Hooray)! All this considered and life in general, I have taken it pretty easy when it comes to my activities.

A while back I wrote about possible shoes I was looking into for my next pair. Well, even after all the researching and trying on, I didn’t get any of those. This past weekend, Dustin and I went to a shoe store to get him some flip-flops, and instead found a great deal on new running shoes for us both- buy one get one half off, plus their price was already low. We both got the New Balance 730-

  (The shoe on the left is the men’s and is dark blue with lime green accent and the shoe on the right is the women’s and is light gray with neon yellow and bright blue accents)

Though it’s hard to tell from the pictures, this is a minimalist shoe at the fraction of the cost of the shoes I was going to buy (probably would have paid for the Vibram soles on the other). New Balance has been in the game for a long time (since 1934, according to Wikipedia). It has a 4mm heel to toe drop (which is lower than the NB Minimus trail shoes I run on now) and weighs 5.4 oz (for the women’s) and 7.3 oz (for the mens). The top feels very airy, and breathes easily, plus the toe is wide, which is nice for a natural feel.

I will be running in them for the first time tonight, and hope to like them. We got both pairs together for less than the price of either shoe that we were both looking at. There are mixed reviews, but most of what I found was positive, and I heard they are re-releasing these shoes next season at a higher price.

Here is a review:

I’m excited summer weather is here to stay for warm runs. I’m excited to get in some miles on my new shoes. I’m excited to continue progressing in tennis (I used to play a lot, but it’s been a couple of years until this spring). I’m excited to continue learning the how-to on golf, and to get to the point that I can actually play instead of just hitting balls at the range. I’m also hoping to learn to ski this year, or attempt to learn it again, and am excited about that (and a little nervous).

My nieces have started running with my sister in preparation for the Color Run in July and so far it has been pretty funny to hear about. One was ready to go, until they actually started running and then she complained. The other was disappointed when she found out that running three miles took longer than three minutes (she assumed because it takes a minute to drive a mile, that it would be the same to run it), and now she’s having no problems when she goes out to do her runs with her mom, sister and brother. I’m excited to share their first race with them, whether they are happy or complaining come race day (but hopefully, they will have gotten over all of their complaints)! 🙂

Until next time!


Indy500 Festival 5K Recap

Back at the office today after a great race weekend and settling in for a busy week ahead!

Last fall, several people in my family decided to run either the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon or the Indy 500 5K (both races on the same day).  As spring progressed this year, a few of the people signed up couldn’t make it and so others stepped in to fill their spots.  Saturday morning my cousin’s Levi and Ashley, Dustin and I all woke early and met downtown Indianapolis to start the 5K.  3/4 of us had originally planned to do the half, but as I posted before stepped back to the 5K.  It was a great run and a totally different experience than I have had before when doing the half.  The 5K runners start an hour before those running the half and so early in the run, we got to run alongside the wheel chair race too.  If you haven’t seen them go, you should check them out sometime.  It was a rough morning getting up so early, but the weather was perfect for the run, bringing some literal and figurative sunshine into our day! 🙂

I told Dustin that we would have to weave around other runners, and he took my statement very serious- clearing the path and darting around all the slower runners or walkers and leaving us in his dust in the first half mile.  Ashley and I decided to split up and she would run with Levi and I would catch up with Dustin and run it out with him.  So that was how the rest of the race went.  We weren’t running it for time or a PR or anything… so my time of 31:27 was okay with me.  The half is definitely a more exciting run… but I know I made the right decision for myself in doing the other this year!


The first three pictures posted are pre-run and the fourth is afterwards…  As much as anyone loves running the race, relaxing afterwards is always a favorite part!

As some of you may remember, I was really excited to get to the runners expo Friday night, and of course it lived up to its potential, minus one thing: I was most looking forward to trying on New Balance’s newest minimus shoe with a 0 heel-t0-toe drop (check them out at and was disappointed to find when I got to the NB booth, that they didn’t have them.  They redeemed themselves though, thanks to a great NB sales associate who let me try on her personal pair, which she had only run in one time.  They just happen to be the right size; it worked out perfectly.  I wish I knew her name so I could give her a public thank you… but this will have to suffice.

I have to look at one more shoe, and then make the final decision between those two in a month or so.

Take a look at my headband I have on in the pictures from this weekend; I got my first one of these two years ago at my first runners expo in Indy, and absolutely love it.  It actually stays on and keeps my hair back throughout my runs.  This year they were buy 4 get 1 one free, so I got 5. 😉

This week will be a busy one- I have to cover 40 hours at work in 4 days because I’m taking Friday off for a wedding I’m in this weekend in Chicago and I am finishing my last few days of a class (hopefully my last one).  So I plan to get in a few runs to keep it regular but nothing too intense.  I’m looking forward to next week on when I can work on continuing building up my base mileage and enjoying my runs.  Also, I get to start pushing my nieces to start running in preparation of the Color Run in July!

One last exciting note: another friend told me today that they wanted to start running.  I LOVE when people decide to start.  It’s SUCH a healthy activity- physically and mentally.

Until next time!

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In Between Everything

The past week has been a busy one with my class coming to an end.  I managed to get in a few runs this week and will be doing the 5K at the Indy 500 Festival tomorrow, bright and early.  I love the runners expo… if you haven’t ever been to one, and you run, you are definitely missing out.  All of the major running companies are there with their new stuff, and lots of great people to learn from.  It’s like a candy store, for runners.  I’m also really looking forward to tomorrow because my cousins are going to be running the 5K with Dustin and me.  It will be the first time I have done the 5K instead of the half, but I’m looking forward to having a new experience.

Earlier this week, Dustin got new shoes- Merrell Road Gloves.   

They are a minimalist style (0 drop), and he made me completely jealous when he got them!  I am due a new pair of shoes, but am waiting a few weeks before making the purchase.  Also, I’m still deciding between the NB minimus or the Merrell Dash Gloves for women.  I think they are pretty similar to each other, and I am really pleased with the NB Minimus, but it’s worth exploring the other pair too.  I’m hoping to get some good info on both pairs tonight at the expo, or at least try them both on!

On another note, I’m a little bit worried that I won’t feel up to par tomorrow during the run.  I must have caught a cold in the last couple of days, and am fighting that off still.  Another reason that it’s good I’m doing the 5K this year instead of the half- I know I can push through 3.1 miles even sick, not sure I could do it on 13.1 miles.

I’m looking forward to finishing my class in a week and being able to continue to up my miles a little bit for my base for the summer.  I love running in the summer, for the same reasons people hate it.  It gets hot, and sometimes that’s uncomfortable, but I love it.  I love it because I feel so refreshed afterwards and I like that I don’t start cold.  I like the warmth on my skin when the sun is out.  I like the clear skies in the summer nights, when on a night run.  I like the simplicity of running in warm weather- more heat=less layers needed.  I also like it that I won’t be up against 115 degree weather like I have been the past two summers- Phoenix summers aren’t the best to run in… and even though humidity has already hit me hard and will continue to, at least the temperatures aren’t at dangerous levels to even go for a walk outside!

I love how running connects us with other individuals and often is a start to a friendship.  I work with a girl who I started talking to because she was talking about some upcoming races.  Now she has joined our team for the Indy Color Run this July, and today asked to add me on FB.  Sounds silly maybe, but since being back in Indiana, I’ve thought it would be nice to build some new connections and relationships and because of time mostly have been limited in doing so.  Plus as most of you know, it’s a lot harder to do once you aren’t in a school atmosphere where you are seeing the same people every single day and who are living the same life.  Because even though as adults we work with people every day, we all have different lives and different priorities.  I have a few friends in this area who I have known for a long time, and it’s not that I’m lessening those.  But we all grow and change over time, and so it’s normal to get to know new people who we share commonalities with now, as our lives continue and to still keep those close who have always been.

Not sure if I mentioned this before, but another exciting thing coming up to do with the Indy Color Run is that it will be both of my nieces’ first race.  Mia is 10 and Brynna 9; I am so excited to share the experience with them and to help get them ready.  I expect there to be challenges along the way, but to be a part of exposing a new thing to them is something I am so thankful to be able to do.  They may love it or hate it… but they’ll have done it, either way.

 (Me and Mia at our Easter celebration this year)  (And Brynna at our other Easter get together)

This is just a minor clip on some happenings in my world of running…. Will post pics soon of pre and post run tomorrow!!!



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