Inner Conflict: Runner Wins

Hello readers! It’s been a while since I last posted in this blog… mostly because it’s been a while since I’ve done much public writing at all. I am getting back into my regular blogging schedule, but still easing into it too.
I just recently downloaded this cool WordPress app onto my phone so I can blog even when I don’t have my computer near, so long as I’m willing to use the little keypad my phone provides for me.
I’m still running, though now it takes real effort because the temperatures are dropping. My ears get cold, every run in the fall and winter and then they ache. I ought to start wearing a headband over them, at least on the days it’s not cold enough for a beanie.
Today was one of those perfect running days. Fall, mid fifties, not too sunny and not too cloudy… And yet when I got off work all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and take a nap. I didn’t get to sleep as soon as I would have liked, and so went the debate in my inner-self. So what did I do? I decided to compromise and rest for an hour or so and then head out. It made it more difficult to get myself out the door, I admit, but I think it made the run more enjoyable too. I could have easily stayed home; I could list pages of things I need to do around the house that could keep me in. In the midst of the conflicting voices in my head, I reminded myself of a few things:
1. It’s Thanksgiving week- meaning Thursday I will eat an exceptional amount of food, much of it containing lots of “bad for me” things! I intend on getting my fill on any pumpkin pie that presents itself to me… Or pumpkin roll… Or chicken noodles… Or corn pudding… Or green bean casserole. Need I continue on any other reason running today was a necessity?
2. My schedule will be thrown off this week. I’m thankful for the short work week, but that means less time that I “could” run if I planned to.
3. It’s Monday. I knew if I started my week with a run I’d be more likely to keep the miles going throughout the week. One thing I’ve found important is realizing what keeps you going and what doesn’t. Some people need others to run with, some need the gym and a treadmill to get any miles in through the winter. I realized today, I need to start my week with a run.
4. I always come back to the quote that stuck with me more than any other running quote- you never feel disappointed that you ran after a run. You never wish you hadn’t ran when it’s done (with injuries excluded). No matter how easy or hard of a run it was, we as runners almost always feel good afterwards. And we should. Feel good, feel proud, feel ready for whatever’s next!

So, not only do I feel great after following through, but the run itself was great… And I ran it at a faster time than I have in a while. So hey, I would’ve really missed out had I given in to laziness and the warm covers and stayed home!

Go get out for a run! It won’t take all day, planning it, thinking about it, dreading it, talking yourself through the conflict of to go or not to go, that will probably take longer than just doing it. You’ll feel 10x better about yourself when you’re done!

Now, excuse me while I eat my salad and prepare to eat a yummy pizza when my dear husband gets home!


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