About Run Free

This blog is about my story of running… and all that comes with.

For some time now I have read other peoples blogs about running and fitness, and have thought about writing my own but was never sure if I had crossed this line that makes someone a credible source of these subjects.  I recently realized that there isn’t a line, the line was all in my head.  I’m inspired by growth and movement in peoples lives… by people striving after the more that is out there for them to reach.  I’m not so inspired by people who are already “there”… wherever “there” is.  Come to think of it, I can’t think of anyone who has already landed and is “there” in any area of life.  Sure, we are all in different places in life and some of us are further than others in certain areas… but even when we look at people who are further than we may ever be in the world of athletics, we will see that they too are growing and learning as they continue to walk forward.

It is my opinion that we are inspired not by successes, but by the journey along the way.

“We run, not because we think it is doing us good, but because we enjoy it and cannot help ourselves…The more restricted our society and work become, the more necessary it will be to find some outlet for this craving for freedom. No one can say, ‘You must not run faster than this, or jump higher than that.’ The human spirit is indomitable” – Sir Roger Bannister


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