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Indy500 Festival 5K Recap

Back at the office today after a great race weekend and settling in for a busy week ahead!

Last fall, several people in my family decided to run either the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon or the Indy 500 5K (both races on the same day).  As spring progressed this year, a few of the people signed up couldn’t make it and so others stepped in to fill their spots.  Saturday morning my cousin’s Levi and Ashley, Dustin and I all woke early and met downtown Indianapolis to start the 5K.  3/4 of us had originally planned to do the half, but as I posted before stepped back to the 5K.  It was a great run and a totally different experience than I have had before when doing the half.  The 5K runners start an hour before those running the half and so early in the run, we got to run alongside the wheel chair race too.  If you haven’t seen them go, you should check them out sometime.  It was a rough morning getting up so early, but the weather was perfect for the run, bringing some literal and figurative sunshine into our day! 🙂

I told Dustin that we would have to weave around other runners, and he took my statement very serious- clearing the path and darting around all the slower runners or walkers and leaving us in his dust in the first half mile.  Ashley and I decided to split up and she would run with Levi and I would catch up with Dustin and run it out with him.  So that was how the rest of the race went.  We weren’t running it for time or a PR or anything… so my time of 31:27 was okay with me.  The half is definitely a more exciting run… but I know I made the right decision for myself in doing the other this year!


The first three pictures posted are pre-run and the fourth is afterwards…  As much as anyone loves running the race, relaxing afterwards is always a favorite part!

As some of you may remember, I was really excited to get to the runners expo Friday night, and of course it lived up to its potential, minus one thing: I was most looking forward to trying on New Balance’s newest minimus shoe with a 0 heel-t0-toe drop (check them out at http://www.shopnewbalance.com/women/shoes/running/training/WR00CR) and was disappointed to find when I got to the NB booth, that they didn’t have them.  They redeemed themselves though, thanks to a great NB sales associate who let me try on her personal pair, which she had only run in one time.  They just happen to be the right size; it worked out perfectly.  I wish I knew her name so I could give her a public thank you… but this will have to suffice.

I have to look at one more shoe, and then make the final decision between those two in a month or so.

Take a look at my headband I have on in the pictures from this weekend; I got my first one of these two years ago at my first runners expo in Indy, and absolutely love it.  It actually stays on and keeps my hair back throughout my runs.  This year they were buy 4 get 1 one free, so I got 5. 😉

This week will be a busy one- I have to cover 40 hours at work in 4 days because I’m taking Friday off for a wedding I’m in this weekend in Chicago and I am finishing my last few days of a class (hopefully my last one).  So I plan to get in a few runs to keep it regular but nothing too intense.  I’m looking forward to next week on when I can work on continuing building up my base mileage and enjoying my runs.  Also, I get to start pushing my nieces to start running in preparation of the Color Run in July!

One last exciting note: another friend told me today that they wanted to start running.  I LOVE when people decide to start.  It’s SUCH a healthy activity- physically and mentally.

Until next time!

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Shoes I’m Considering….

 These are similar to the shoes I run in now except they have a lower heel to toe. http://www.shopnewbalance.com/men/shoes/running/trail-running/MT00CO




 Last… but definitely not least, this is the same style of shoe I run in now.  http://www.shopnewbalance.com/women/shoes/outdoor/trail-running/WT10CGhttp://

I’m leaning towards either of the NB… because I know those shoes and I know I like them.  But I am open to exploring other minimalist shoes as well!

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Change in the Plan

Well, I possibly shouldn’t have written yesterday’s post until today.  Last night Dustin and I ran as planned and in training for the half coming up (2 weeks) and both came to terms with how unready we were.  Yes, we could do it and finish, definitely.  But we started talking about the possibility of stepping back to the 5K if possible.  I wasn’t sure if we’d be allowed to anyway, and so we decided that if we could we would, but if not we were both sticking it out for the half.  Know that we COULD finish the half, but that we would feel better about doing the 5K and would probably be able to continue building after the race that way.  To be honest, I was afraid that we would finish the half and we would be so sore from not being ready, that we wouldn’t run for the next month and then set ourselves back further.  OR worse, one or both of us would end up getting injured in upping our mileage so quick.  So when I checked and found out that we could indeed do the 5K with no major changes, but just by showing up at the 5K starting line… the decision was made.

So back to when I said originally about knowing yourself, and being okay with starting where you need to start… this is a perfect example.  I don’t have to feel guilty about switching the distance; there’s no shame in choosing what’s best for your life and body at the time (as long as it still involves remaining active!).  So it is official.  To be honest, I felt a little shameful admitting it to other people, but that is my issue- and so I am telling myself the same thing I am telling anyone who is reading this part of the entry!

I have 3.5 weeks until I am done with all my class work for my Masters degree and can take the summer off before starting my internship hours… and I have 2.5 weeks until the race.  I have 4.5 weeks until I am in a friend’s wedding in Chicago… where I will be giving a toast at a fancy wedding- which I’m excited about, but am completely unprepared for the toast at this point.  I also have two long research papers and one final to finish, among many other smaller assignments in my last 3.5 weeks of school.  I have stressed since January, about all of this… fitting it all in and feeling good about it.  And to piggy back off of my entry on my other blog (http://ajh922.wordpress.com/) I wrote yesterday, sometimes we have to make decisions that are healthy for us… even if they aren’t what we wish we could do.  Of course we wish we could do it all, perfectly.  But who am I kidding?  We don’t expect it from one another, why would we expect that from ourselves?  It’s just silly, and sets us up for disappointment and the failure that we may run from or fear so much.

Having said that, don’t misunderstand me.  I am not saying we should not challenge ourselves to a higher standard or goals… we most definitely should.  And we should expect to reach them… but we also should know when we are being rational and when we are not. 🙂

On to another note…

It is just about time for me to buy a new pair of running shoes.  I’m deciding now whether to get the same pair I have now, which I love more than I have EVER loved any running shoes, or to try out a new pair.  I have the New Balance Minimus with Vibram soles.  They are so light and fit my foot so well.  I love how they sound when I hit the ground.  They feel like I’m running barefoot, except with nothing stabbing the bottom of my foot. 🙂 For shoes that are so thin, they have had a long life and are just now to the point where they are worn out (I bought them in August).

So a part of me thinks why go on and try a different pair if I love these so much?? I still need to do some more research on runnersworld.com to see what reviewers are saying, etc.  Anyway… just what is in my mind in the shoe department at this point.

Edit: I just realized New Balance now has three levels of Minimus shoes… I have to check them out!  Interested in seeing them?


Until tomorrow,

Run strong!

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