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Bad Runs and Race Curiosity

After deciding to switch to the 5K instead of the half a few days ago, I had a lot of relief and renewed energy and want to run in the mean time.  Last night we did just a few miles (3.5) and it was nice knowing that the pressure to increase mileage is less urgent for the time being.  Yes, I still plan on increasing, but gradually.  It’s not that I can’t add the miles now- but a matter of doing it in a smart way.  Last night’s run was a little rough for me, considering how short it was and how relieved I was.  I wasn’t sure why, except realized later what I imagine the culprits were.

For years now I have suspected I had asthma, not bad enough that I ever turn blue or have to rush to the ER, but to a point of discomfort nonetheless.  Breathing is always the most difficult thing on my runs, and though it gets better the more miles I add-on and the more I use my lungs, it’s still an annoying hindrance.  If you have ever had an injury that stopped you from running when all of your other muscles and your mind just wanted you to GO, you will know the feeling of having one part of your body not coöperate with the rest.  So, since I recently got good health insurance I decided to go get my long-time suspicion checked out.  The Dr. did think it sounded like asthma and gave me an inhaler to use for a month, to see when I would need it and what the best treatment would be.  Like I said, it isn’t life threatening or anything like that and I don’t think there’s a need for any daily medicine, but I have been instructed to take the inhaler 20 minutes before any work out and see how it affects me.  I have done that, and the results have been great.  Yesterday I took it about an hour and twenty minutes before the run, planning to run earlier than I did.  Then, I just am not used to taking it so I didn’t think about it having any sort of effect on the run.  In combination with that, it is spring and my allergies are fully activated this time of the year! On a positive note on the inhaler, it seems that since taking it before my runs I have been able to breathe better not only while running but in other parts of my day.  Anyway, the run wasn’t the worst ever.  And if you’ve run for any amount of time, even just one time, you surely know that sometimes you just have a bad run.  No matter how many miles you can run or how fast you can go, there are going to be times you go out when your muscles will hurt more than normal, when your breathing is more shallow than normal, and when you just feel bad.  That’s okay, because there are always the wonderful runs too… and if you haven’t gotten to one of these yet, keep at it- you’ll get there.

Tonight after work I won’t be running, but instead will be either going to the driving range or attempting to hit a tennis ball.  Ha.  I used to play tennis often with my dad in the spring-fall seasons.  During the school year, he would come pick us up at my mom’s house and often we would go play tennis- or he would try to teach us how to play tennis.  I wanted to join the tennis team in high school but was shy and passed the chance my freshman year.  My sophomore year rolled around and that time I passed because I didn’t want to be the “only new one on the team”, i.e. lacking in confidence.  Boo. Either way, I have always loved tennis and I love that my dad taught me early on in life as it’s been something I’ve carried with me and played with a variety of people and times in life.  I did not play tennis at all last year though, so am way out of practice.  It will be good to get at it again.  Golf however, is a sport I am completely new at.  I have always wanted to learn and have never found someone who would teach me, but lucky me, Dustin loves playing.  I now have my own set of clubs, shoes and a glove and I feel like a pro… until I start swinging ;).  He’s teaching me technique, which let me tell you, is much more difficult than it looks.  When people say golf is one of the harder sports out there, they are right.  I haven’t even gotten on the green yet.  I am focusing on making contact and hitting the ball while sticking to at least decent form.  I’m glad I have a patient teacher.

I decided to start looking at some races I may want to consider for the rest of the year.  I’m not signing up for any after the Color Run at this point- but I will be within the next few months adding more to my schedule.  Most of these I’m looking at are shorter distances, which is nice because they will keep me motivated but not stressed.  And maybe once I’m done with school and in my internship, I won’t be so overwhelmed with the idea of training for something longer, but I want to wait until I know before I start making any promises… or writing any checks…

Have any of you ran any sort of mud run or obstacle course?  I am considering this one:


I am also interested in doing runs where the money that I am paying will go to an important and needed cause so am looking at a few difference cancer research runs.

I’m looking at a Christmas run called the Jingle Bell run- the proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation:

And another I’m interested in doing… a run through a winery with a commemorative wine glass for finishing the course and wine tasting after (I like wine, of course after hyrdating with much water… it’s a 5K/5 Mile… so I don’t think it would be a safety issue.  I always think it’s crazy when people do those beer runs- half and full marathons- why not just skimp on water for three days in the desert?) Also, this one goes to a good cause:


Are any of you planning to do any races?  I know some of you have mentioned signing up.  What types and distances are you looking at?

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